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Recycled railway sleepers make perfect benches in the garden. There are many more options of how railway sleepers can be used as garden furniture.

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The natural beauty of recycled garden sleepers is hard to deny, and when they are used in a garden setting they are even more stunning.

They are such a simple object yet they can be finished in a variety of ways.

Recycled railway sleepers tend to have a lot of 'Character'.. They have bumps and rock impressions and spike holes and chucks that could be scratched out. All these imperfections are however what makes them so naturally appealing. They have survived a decade in the elements and have a life and story to tell.

In the garden furniture we manufacture we only use the 'AA' grade sleepers and these have a totally unique look under the surface.

When dressed smooth the rich red grain of the red gum comes to life and together with a coat of polyurethane the surface comes alive. Combine this with the massive cross section of the timber and the natural imperfections and you have a piece of gold in your hands.

Garden furniture benches can be made from other timbers as well but few have the true character similar to railway sleepers.

Benches can obviously be made to any length or height so that they can be used in a variety of ways.

Single Sleeper Bench 1.2m 1.8m 2.4m
In New Ironbark Hardwood Sleepers $295 $345 $415
Recycled Railway Sleepers 'AA' Grade $410 $465 $525

Red gum is subject to availability..

Delivery costs apply but many people prefer to simply pick them up.

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