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The largest range in natural garden furniture made from garden sleepers and rustic recycled railway sleepers.

railway sleeper garden seat

The best way to enhance a garden is to give it a functional purpose as well. Somewhere you and sit and ponder or relax.

In the true sense we are looking here at outdoor furniture that can be scattered in a garden area rather than in a formalised patio area. Garden furniture and patio furniture can vary significantly in their purpose and the latter is best covered at another time.

More often than not this simply takes the form of seating. Be it a memorial seat or a simple sleeper bench, there is a vast range of outdoor garden furniture that can really compliment a garden setting.

And to be honest, there is no room in a garden for plastic or aluminium fixtures – they simply diminish the natural surroundings. Stick with timber and the furniture will blend in beautifully.
Whilst the furniture can be ornamental to some degree, if it is placed on a pathway or the edge of a garden then it can also be very functional.
The choices of timber may seem numerous but there are very few species that will truly survive in the open without deteriorating quickly, and there is nothing worse than seeing seats that are full of rot or decaying away. All timber will weather – but some do it much quicker than others. Paints, stains and varnishes may help a bit but only if they are applied in the joints at time of manufacture as this is the main area that is affected.
Whereas normal pine may only last a few years in the outdoors, treated pine can last over a decade and in the hardwoods, Victorian Ash may perish is 5 years if exposed whereas ironbark may still be perfect in 20 years. The issue is that most people don’t really know what to ask and often salesmen also have little knowledge of their products once they have left the showrooms.
This is where talking to a manufacturer that specialises in timber outdoor furniture and preferable manufactures this can be a blessing.
The few outdoor garden furniture pieces shown here are just a snippet of what may look great in your garden area, but there are many more options available if you really delve into it. Our full range of solid timber outdoor garden furniture can be customised to any size or shape because we actually manufacture every item locally and to order, so there are no limitations on what is possible.

Most garden areas will suit a rustic looking furniture item and the best example is furniture made from recycled railway sleepers. If you have fine line paths or small areas close to artificial straight surfaces then maybe even dressed garden sleepers may provide a more complimentary appearance. Either way stick to natural products and make sure the furniture has substance – (and by that we mean that it is made from reasonably thick solid sections and not flimsy planks which simply cheapen the look.)

There are similarly plenty of options for that formalised patio area or backyard BBQ area that are also made from solid timbers and we would be happy to quote or discuss any of these as well.

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